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Bernadette's Transformation

I have fondly named my food truck "Bernadette". She is my 1973 Chevy Step Van that previously served the fire department of Storm Lake, Iowa. Now the fires of Bernadette will burn within as she has been transformed into a bold, yellow food truck by Chef Moe herself and with some help of a few close friends. Bernadette is capable of handling private parties, cooking classes, group catering, special events, private or intimate meals, festivals and a busy breakfast, lunch or dinner crowd. If you can think it up, we can make it happen.

It wasn't easy coaxing Bernadette to Ohio, but like any good woman, she was worth the effort. In September 2013 Chef Moe took her trusty friend, Jim, to assist on the 1,600 mile round trip journey to Storm Lake Fire Department Fire House to meet the truck that would eventually be home to Chef Moe's on the Go!  Luckily she just made it back to Columbus before the 40 year old, dry rotted tires gave way, initiating her first facelift of many…a set of new shoes for Bernadette.  The inside was then gutted in an effort to make way for the complete conversion from emergency vehicle to a functioning kitchen on the go. Bernadette's first test came at a tailgate party at The Ohio State University v Wisconsin University football game. Both The Buckeyes and Bernadette scored impressive victories that evening.  

In the process of the transformation I ran into another big obstacle which would prove to be just one of the many more necessary improvements to come. On the way to get Bernadette painted prior to getting her logo wrap, Bernadette's motor gave up the go and her entire engine had to be replaced.  This is something that is pretty common in the food truck industry from what I understand.  Apparently an engine that sits for 40 years and only accumulates 13,000 miles is not as good as it sounds.  Now with a new engine followed by a new water pump, clutch and exhaust system, all is well and Bernadette is good as new! What an educational journey this has been!  

Keep an eye out for Chef Moe and Bernadette! With Bernie's bright, yellow paint and Chef Moe's logo on the sides you will certainly be able to spot her in a crowd… that is if the delicious smell of Chef Moe's food doesn't catch your attention first.


Special Thanks To:

My Parents, Jim and Mary Michels.  Thank you for all your love and support!  Thanks for being my "Light" when things looked dark.  You guys have given me the strength to fight for my dreams. 

Jim Nagy - Thank you for EVERYTHING!  He has been the muscle behind the building/renovation of both Bernadette and the Commissary.


Stephanie Hulett of Visual Media Vanguardsfor the Awesome Logo. Check out there website  Steph, Jarod and Christy are AMAZING people to work with.

MJ and Todd at Restaurant Refurbishers!  None of this would have been possible without them!  I must actually give them credit for finding Bernadette… It has been incredible and they have been with us every step of the way.   

A special thanks to my favorite teenager Brant Campbell, who more often than I would like to admit was my muscle and did a lot of heavy lifting for me. Not too mention never hesitating to crawl under Bernie  to check things out when she was acting up!

Also, a special thank you to everyone that supported me and never said that I couldn't do something.  You should never tell a Taurus she can't do something.

My wish for Bernadette: 

"I want to feed as many people as I can, before I can't anymore."  

-Chef Moe